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Z47F Natural gas flat plate gate valve
Flat gate valve is a mechanical seal on both sides of the balance distribution of seal in the valve axis, so the flat gate valve for natural gas pipeline transportation, oil, and chemicals.
The design of 6D and ASME according to the standard of API B16.34, GB/T 19672
The gate of flat gate valve and a sealing seat by ad hoc processing, can apply anti-corrosion, anti permeability, resistance to friction sealing.
Valve seat using dual seal, increase the stability of the seal
The design of the full size, pressure losses through the valve is very small.
When the valve is fully open, compared to other valves, the media on the sealing surface erosion is the smallest
Flat plate gate valve also applies to the parts of the Qing Dynasty
Valve has the role of regulating the flow
The valve can be installed in any direction, horizontal and vertical.
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