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Gas ball valve sealing
2018-12-05 15:03
There is a relatively common valve in the natural gas pipeline. Because of its special application occasions, the gas ball valve has a relatively high requirement for sealing performance. How does it specifically ensure its sealing performance?
In the design of the valve seat in the gas ball valve, there are generally two ways, such as the design of the downstream valve seat from the bleeder design and the dual piston effect. For the first type of valve seat design, in its closed state, when its line pressure acts on the outer surface of its upstream seat ring, it presses its valve seat against its ball, provided its medium leaks from its upstream to its valve. Inside the chamber, when the internal pressure value of the valve chamber is higher than the pressure of the downstream pipeline, the relevant valve seat downstream of the valve chamber will press its valve chamber pressure to the downstream and release it. If the second type of valve seat, under normal circumstances, the pressure is acting on the outer side of the end of its seat ring seal, which will press the seal ring to the valve body to produce a corresponding squeeze force, so that you can A more reliable sealing structure is formed between the sealing ring and its valve body.
Even if the seat has leaked, the pressure will directly enter the inside of the valve body, directly acting on the inner side of the upstream sealing surface, and squeezing the valve seat sealing ring to make its seat. The sealing ring is slowly approaching its valve body to form a more reliable and effective sealing structure to ensure its sealing performance.
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